The Best Toilet Experience in London

The  gigantic and immense glass structure of Shard, standing at 309 metres tall, is the UK’s tallest building.  Forget Madame Tussauds or the London Dungeons, The Shard is unmissable and spectacular.

The experience begins at the entrance.  A striking glass entrance, immaculately dressed door staff and £2 million worth of cars.  I had never seen a Bugatti Veyron before, well apart from on Top Gear.

Aqua Shard, The Shard, London

As you enter the revolving doors you are greeted by security.  Bags scanned in airport style scanners.  The lifts are enormous, each carrying about 30 guests.  Within a minute with popped ears, we reached floor 32.

With an array of different restaurants and bars on offer, floor 32 houses The Oblix and Aqua Shard.  The Aqua Shard, a three storey high atrium bar with floor to ceiling glass, offering a panoramic view of London’s skyline.  The views are breathtaking.  The bar is uber smart and contemporary, similar to a bar in a James Bond movie; this is surely where London’s elite hang out.  You can take in the sheer view of London from each angle, before perching ourselves on a stool at the bar.   You really get a grip on the scale of London, from the London Eye to the River Thames; it really does look like the intro to Eastenders. 


Entrance fee - £0
Cocktail - £18
Bottle of Wine - £35

Cost per couple for 2 drinks / a bottle wine - £34/£35

Please note the price of the drinks are just a guide.  There are cocktails or wine a lot more expensive but just represent a guide or what what you can expect to spend.

No reservations are necessary for the bar, unless you with to dine.  However, during peaks hours (Friday & Saturday evenings) there can be queues for entry, security checks and the lifts.

Flicking through the drinks and cocktail menu you have to remind yourself this is a one off experience.  Cocktails start in the region of £18.  A bottle of cider is about £9.  On the plus side however, there is no cover charge for a drink at this bar.  You can visit The Shards official viewing deck on floor 68 at a cost of £25 per guest.  Personally, the view from this floor certainly won’t disappoint and the cover charge simply goes into a cocktail, with some change.

Cocktails at the Shard
Photo credit: Paul Winch-Furness
Toilets at The Shard


Don't miss the toilets.  Beautiful traditionally designed toilets with freestanding urinals backed by floor to ceiling glass offering panoramic views over London; sure to be the most beautiful pee in London, probably even the UK.  The ladies toilets offer the same unique experience.

"Get inspired by this billionaires bar"

The second restaurant on this floor is The Oblix.  Entry is via a long dark marble lined corridor. Walking through the open kitchen, with wood fired oven and chargrilled spit roast, into the dining area.  A sophisticated and elegant dining area with the most amazing views across London.  The Oblix lounge and bar houses a black grand piano near the window.  Live jazz with the background of London’s illuminated skyline, this is escapism at its best.

Live Jazz at The Shard

A trip to London would not be complete without visiting The Shard.  The sense of luxury, elitism and simple escape from the busy streets of London is the experience in itself.  But then packaged in to probably the UK’s most breath-taking viewing platform.  You don’t just escape London, you escape your hectic life, your troubles and worries.  You sit back overlooking London and ponder while sipping your £18 cocktail.  Get inspired by this billionaires bar.  It will surely get you motivated and hungry for success, itching to get home to propel yourself into a better quality of life.  The Shard has to be one of London’s top escapes.

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